• Complete assistance in the Golden Visa Residency Program (ARI);
  • Complete assistance in all types of Portuguese Residence Authorizations (for example, Entrepreneurs, StartUp, Pensioners, Workers and Students);
  • Acquisition of Portuguese citizenship / European passport;
  • Procedures for the entry, stay, exit and withdrawal of foreign citizens from national territory;
  • Procedures for entry and stay of nationals in foreign territory;
  • Assistance to foreigners in Portugal:
    • Opening bank accounts;
    • Leasing contracts;
    • Service contracts;
    • Work contracts;
    • Driving license;
    • Registration in schools.
  • Issuance of certificates / certificates from public or private entities;
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign decisions;
  • Hiring foreign workers and their residence permits;
  • Property (acquisition and sale) and taxes;
  • Certified document translations.

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