Residência Temporária ou Permanente

D7 Visa

Due to a strong incentive program of the Portuguese government associated with the possibility of access to some types of tax benefits for a period of 10 years, mild climate, excellent beaches, relatively low cost of living and, mainly, security, change has been very common to Portugal in favor of a better quality of life. One of the options that has been widely used to live in Portugal is the so-called D7 visa, which allows foreigners after retirement or based on their own income to move to Portugal and even obtain Portuguese nationality.

If you are retired or have your own income, under the terms mentioned above, and are looking for a better quality of life, Portugal may be your option. The D7 visa can be applied for by:

  1. Retired;
  2. Foreign citizen who has his own income from movable or immovable property or intellectual property; or financial investments.

It is important to be clear that for living in Portugal through the D7 visa, it will be necessary to prove the existence of the pension and the amount received for that purpose or demonstrate the existence of the mentioned income and the amounts involved. In both cases, a copy of the latest income tax return is an essential document. Citizens who obtain a residence permit in Portugal through the D7 visa are entitled to family reunification and may live in Portugal with their family.

The Portuguese passport is not necessary.


  1. Form with the visa application to live in Portugal;
  2. Passport valid for more than 3 months the expected length of stay;
  3. Two identical pictures;
  4. Proof of means of subsistence;
  5. Proof of accommodation;
  6. Health insurance;;
  7. Criminal Background Certificate (valid for 90 days);
  8. Certified copy of the identity card;
  9. Request that authorizes the consultation by the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) on the criminal history of Portugal;
  10. Declaration by the applicant, identifying, for example, the reason for the visa application, the time he intends to live in Portugal and where he intends to live;
  11. Declaration to be aware that you should not travel to Portugal without having a visa;
  12. Copy of the last income tax return;
  13. Proof of the amount and guarantee of its receipt related to retirement or own income;

After the submission of all documentation, the decision on granting the visa by the Consulate takes approximately 30 to 60 days.

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