Real Estate Law

The practice area of real estate law encompasses a wide range of matters related to the acquisition and registration of buildings and building rights, as well as any business and acts of transmission of rights of use and enjoyment of real estate, for housing, commerce or services, such as leasing, sub-leasing and lending.

As part of this practice, ADA has an extensive experience, duly recognized on an international scale, with customers from all over the world, providing a continuous and comprehensive monitoring service from the first documentary examination to the final register, offering all kinds of assistance throughout the process, both from the perspective of those who buy and from the perspective of those who sell.

In the performance of this area of activity, our team provides advisory services in:

  • Processes of acquisition of the right of property in immovable property or property rights, promise contracts, land registration and matrix registration;
  • Municipal licensing processes, allotments and legalization of clandestine neighborhoods;
  • Registration complaints and changes to the registration;
  • Defense of possession;
  • Contracts for private works;
  • Lease and lending contracts;
  • Review and update of rents;
  • Local accommodation.

The area of real estate law is interrelated with other areas of law such as immigration (Golden Visa) and taxation, in which ADA also operates, thus providing a broad, full and integrated service.

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