Reconhecimento e Aplicação de Decisões Estrangeiras

Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Decisions

Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Decisions lawyer online

All foreigner decisions, in order to be applicable/executed in the Portuguese territory, must be recognized by the Portuguese Courts of Appeal, with some exceptions concerning the divorce decisions issued by Common Courts within the European Union territory. As an example, if a citizen wishes to remarry in Portugal, having been previously married in a certain foreign country, but divorced elsewhere, it is necessary to recognize such foreigner divorce decision or the second marriage will not be possible in Portugal.

But a broader range of decisions often needs recognition, like adoption or fatherhood law suits and collection of debt in order to reach assets of the debtor in Portugal.

Our services include the submission of all documents and compliance of all requirements necessary for the full recognition of foreigner decisions in Portugal. For such purposes, original Court documents will be required, certified by the Portuguese consulate of the country who issued the decision.

Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Decisions lawyer online


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