Residência Temporária ou Permanente

Temporary or Permanent Residence

Temporary or Permanent Residence Lawyer online

Foreign citizens can apply for residency in Portugal provided that they have one of the following grounds:

Exercise of dependent work;

Exercise of qualified independent work;

Exercise of business activity;

Family reunification;

Enrollment in an educational establishment.

The following general criteria must be met in order to apply for temporary or permanent residence in Portugal:

1. Absence of conviction for a relevant crime in the last 5 (five) years;

2. Proof of income / financial independence;

3. Proof of accommodation in Portugal.

There are also specific criteria depending on the basis on which residency is required.

Our services include the collection of all forms and documents necessary for this purpose, establishing all the necessary communications, as well as monitoring the client before the Portuguese authorities, necessarily, including the Foreigners and Borders Services (“ SEF “).

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